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Top Choice Roofers are experts at installing new roofs and carrying our roof renovations in Dublin. We provide a range of roofing options that includes slate tile roofing, standard manufactured tiling and ceramic roof tile installations. All our work is installed to the highest standards with over 30 years experience of carrying out high quality roofing work. We can call out for a free quote and provide you with a written quotation on how we would replace, renovate or install a new roof in Dublin.

We provide options on all types of roofing systems including flat roofs, tile roofs using a variety of quality roof materials. We cater for standard roofing repairs in Dublin including all types of Dublin guttering repairs as well. All the team at Top Choice Roofers are highly skilled and fully trained as roofing contractors in Dublin. On standard roof installations, we will assess the entire structure to ensure that the new roof tiles and underlay can be successfully installed on your roof. If the structure is damaged or in disrepair, we will provide you with a detailed quote on how we would replace or repair the structure to a high quality roofing standard.

Your roof is a main feature of your new home, accounting for 30 per cent of the exterior visible area of your home. Its covering therefore needs careful consideration at the planning stage. Factors dictating the roof covering include the style of your house, your architect and even your local planners, as choosing something in the vernacular may well get your plans rubber stamped.

Slate, clay and concrete tiles are the main tile choices in Ireland, with slate holding sway in areas where there is a local supply. But these days there is a lot of choice out there, with everything from handmade clay tiles to mass-produced concrete and imported slate.

Clay tiles

Great for curves and intricate details, clay tiles come in a range of colours and shapes, with special tiles for valleys, ridges and drain gulley’s. Period builds or renovations can take advantage of impressive detailing such as dramatic ridge tiles/finials, while tile shapes, such as fish tail and bull nose, are used to create patterns.

Clay tiles have a long lifespan, However, the weather in Ireland can take a heavy toll on clay tiles, as our winters involve constant wet, freezing and thawing cycles. Tiles sold here, especially imported ones, have to meet the Irish frost requirements.


Very common in roofing materials, the advantage of concrete tiles is the vast range available, many of which interlock, offering improved waterproofing, secure fixing and shallower roof pitches and good prices. A wide range of colours, textures and finishes is available, from the thick double-roman tile that dominates new-build estates to all sorts of heritage-look tiles matching traditional tiles at a smaller cost.


Slates need significant overlapping on several sides to ensure water-tightness, and the tiles must be laid on battens over an underlay. A slate roof requires a pitch of 30 degrees, and must be finished with clay or metal at the ridges and junctions. Curves are harder to achieve with slate, and are costly as well – simple roof shapes are usually the most economical.


For professional roofing, call the experts today at Top Choice Roofers in Dublin. Experts at renovating roofs, replacing roofs and building new roofs. All work done to industry approved standards. Unbeatable value backed by expert installations.

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